Friday, April 1, 2011

Johnny Yong Bosch Joins Samurai?

On March 30th, Johnny Yong Bosch tweeted:

Heading to the Land of New Zeal...yeah, that's what I call it!

This has lead to rumblings in the fandom about a possible return to Power Rangers for Johnny. Internal sources from Saban Brands have leaked that Johnny will in fact be joining the cast of Samurai. Johnny will be playing the role of none other than Cole Evans, the Red Wild Force Ranger. Allegedly, Ricardo Medina Jr. was originally offered the role, but declined due to scheduling conflicts with his filming on Samurai as the character Deker.

More information will be published as it surfaces.

I'm a lion


  1. He should've come back yet AGAIN as the Black Ranger!!

  2. If this happens, I'm discounting this whole series as canon.

  3. But what if they bring Walter Jones back to play Adam?

  4. and no one seemed to notice it was posted on april 1st