Monday, July 2, 2012

Power Rangers Megaforce Graphic Novels by PAPERCUTZ Confirmed

Courtesy of Fury Diamond of Rangercrew:

Papercutz will be releasing Power Rangers Megaforce Graphic Novels next year! Special thanks goes to Papercutz for sending me the latest information.
Power Rangers Megaforce Issue 3 "Gamer's End" Ranger Theo heads to a gaming con to cheer one of his buddies. But Creepox is there, and he lures Theo into a back room to show him a new video game that looks suspiciously like the convention floor. Unfortunately for the Rangers, it is not a game at all - the fight is on, and it's being unwittingly controlled by their friend!
Power Rangers Megaforce Issue 4 "Panic in the Park" Why is the Yellow Ranger missing while her friends engage in an epic showdown with one of Admiral Malkor's minions? Is the villain somehow using the most innocent Ranger as part of an even deadlier plan?
You can now pre-order Issues #3 and #4 on Amazon.
Issue 3: Gamer's End. Releases Jan 8.
Issue 4: Panic in the Parade. Releases April 16.       

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