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Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Cameo Catastrophe Chronicles

Updated 5/17

For centuries, groups of brave warriors known as Power Rangers have been called upon to protect our world from evil. Now, the future of humankind rests in the hands of a few ordinary teens with one extraordinary destiny.  The 20th Season of Power Rangers will include flashbacks, weapons, and characters from previous seasons, and promises to be the most exciting season yet!
March 18, 2013

Donovan Grobbelaar posts a photo via Twitter of the Black Wildforce Ranger on set for Super Megaforce. Speculation about possible cameos for the upcoming season begins:

March 19, 2013
Ciara Hanna via Instagram:
April 21, 2013

Blake Foster via Twitter:
New Zealand ??? Whattttt???? Here I come #justinstewart #spandexshape #bluecrew
Roger Velasco via Twitter:
Black is back! It's where its @...

 April 24, 2013

Hector David Jr. via Twitter:
"New Zealand... Nuff said''

April 25, 2013

Alex Hartman photographed on the set of Super Megaforce:

April 26, 2013

Rangercrew via Twitter:
The casting team has reached out to most of the cast members from the original Saban era.

April 27, 2013

Jason Faunt via Twitter:
Gonna miss L.A. Next month, from Detroit to Vegas to New Zealand... #allover the world..

 April 29, 2013

Samuel Benta announces via Twitter he will be returning to Power Rangers. Learn more about Benta here.

April 30, 2013

Najee De-Tiege via Twitter:
Its a Official Saban Brands Contacted me & my Cast to come Back 2 NewZealand, & Film Some Power Rangers Episodes!...

May 2, 2013

Steve Cardenas via Facebook:
Th offer was too low and there's not a lot of character development. Just basically going to be in the background as an extra. I would've loved to do it but I could possibly take that amount of time away from my business for that little amount of money. I'm sorry but I believe that it's them that's letting the fans down because they want to get away with paying too little. I hope you understand.

 May 3, 2013

Rangerboard member kalenabear writes:
I did not hear from the direct source yet (meeting up next week!), but another TF ranger will likely not be returning for the same reasons as Cardenas. She was only offered to be in one scene, so it wouldn't have been worth the time & money. I think E is also filming a small indie film this month. But who knows, Faunt may pull her into it. Again, I'm just hearing this from management!

May 4, 2013

Rhett Fisher via Twitter:
Guess who was invited to do a cameo on PR Megaforce and then un-invited the next week because of budget restrictions. #majorletdown#titanium
Amit Bhaumik via Twitter:
Budget limitations are "change that fight scene on the Eiffel Tower to an abandonded warehouse" not "cut one of the guest stars."
In Addition:
Sadly, Rhett wasn't the first to be asked to come back this season only for Jonathan to change his mind afterwards.

May 6, 2013

Jason David Frank via Facebook:
"I'm sorry to inform you that I will not be able to attend Puerto Rico Comic Con 2013. Although I enjoyed my time in last year's event and planned on meeting more of my fans this year, due to circumstances beyond my control, I will not be able to attend. It was a very difficult decision, however, I have decided to partake in a new filming project out of the country that interferes with the event. This is a very important project that I cannot miss."
 Karan Ashley announces via her online radio show that she declined an offer to return for a cameo appearance. She reveals that a generic e-mail was sent out to every past Ranger.

May 7, 2013

Matt Austin via Youtube:
First. I don't know what email Saban sent out. As far as I know - nobody in Disney era cast recieved a letter. Second. I totally get Karan. PR is one of the most top rated kids series in the world - the actors get paid peanuts to do it relative to any other show on television that doesn't play in every foreign market on earth. I actually make more at my current joe job per hour than they ever paid. They make tons of money off of licensing and merchandise, that doesn't trickle down to the actor. To ask cast (except me apparently) to go down to Z, essentially for free when you subtract food/airfare/hotel and the time away from responsibilities at home - is a LOSS. This is one of the major reasons why you started to have a rotating cast. So there aren't any contract negotiations. You have the cast. You milk them and then you cut them off. It's one of the reasons SPD/Mystic Force didn't have a team up. Wish it were different. I love the show and I love the fans. #Buttery
In addition:
Last thing i'll say on this & you may Tumblr away at will. Saban probably doesn't even know who Bridge is, let alone who I am... and they will most likely never hire me as an actor or filmmaker. What has Saban done for you? You guys shat on Disney when they took over the franchise. Sure Disney might have messed up PR continuity, but they cared about the stories they were telling and the people involved. Say what you will, but this is the company we should be saluting for bring us more Star Wars.

May 9, 2013

Rangercrew owner Fury Diamond writes:
Jason Smith will appear in his own "tribute" episode.
David Yost via Twitter:
I've been contacted.
Rangercrew owner Fury Diamond posts the generic Ranger e-mail:
We had been entertaining the possibility of past Rangers joining us for the longest time and didn't think it was possible to do. Due to so many requests from a number of past Rangers (as well as an overwhelming amount of requests from the fans, too!) we, as a production, talked it over and agree that it is a fabulous idea that we would like to make happen. This is also a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge all of the loyal fans and thank them for their support over 20 years. We want this to happen and we want as many of you as possible over here with us!!

Next comes the nitty-gritty of organizing such a task. The unfortunate reality is that including past Rangers was not part of our original budget. In order to include as many of you as possible in this shoot, we do not have massive funds at the individual level to offer each of you. We do hope that you bear this in mind as you consider our offer.

Your travel would depart LA on approx: May 22nd to arrive in NZ on May 24th, this day would be for fittings, then filming would take place on May 25th and 26th. May 27th would be a sightseeing day that we will organize, with your flight departing that evening

Please consider what this would mean to the fans to have so many past Rangers together in the same place at the same time.
New Zealand is a beautiful country and the current Rangers and crew here would all be honored to have you join us for this special 20th anniversary. We will try our best for sunny weather while you're here, too!

We truly wish that we were able to offer you more, and we hope that you will still consider this opportunity to join us as a Ranger once again.
It would be tremendous to welcome you here.

May 10, 2013

Pua Magasiva via Twitter:
(When asked about being asked to return) no afraid not my man
SPD weighs in via Twitter:
(when asked about being asked to return)
Brandon Jay McLaren: Not I
Matt Austin: Nope. But I think "Sam the speck" was.
Chris Violette: they dropped us like its hot!
Brandon Jay Mclaren: The viaduct wouldn't know what hit'em
Chris Violette: let's just fly in anyway haha
Bruce Kalish: Sam's living with me. I got him a green card and did cameo in IM3
Rangerboard member kalenabear writes:
Hung out with Erin (Jen, PRTF) last night and she confirmed that she'll be out of the country in the last two weeks of May (not in NZ), which is when Super Megaforce would be filming the cameos, per Fury's message. Then Erin sent me this today, referring to Tokunation's article,

"So, a friend just sent me the article below.
Oh no! I don't want fans to be upset with me!
I TRULY want to do it, but the show is not Union anymore. The bottom line is I can't risk union status to do it. :-(. I have been so sad over not being able to. How can I reach out to my fans and let them know?
Sally Martin via Twitter:
 (when asked about being asked to return) Nope I didn't
Melanie Vallejo via Twitter:
(When asked about being asked to return) I'm not sure what that is..? So no...
David Yost via Twitter:
Megaforce=No 4 me. They lost me when the offer started "Dear Power Ranger" & had several grammatical errors. #donewithabusiverelationships
Alan Palmer via Twitter:
(When being asked about being asked to return) No, we didn't. It would have been a blast!
Rangercrew owner Fury Diamond posts this message from Valerie Vernon:
One month wasn't enough time..especially when you have kids. If I was given two to three months to plan for it I could have gone. I'm so bummed! I was looking forward to seeing some of my old friends! Maybe they'll do another one soon! I'd love to be in the next one!

May 13, 2013

Jason Faunt via Twitter:
It's official, I will be heading to New Zealand to film power rangers for the reunion, will be playing the role of Wes!
 Rangercrew owner Fury Diamond writes:
One of my sources has confirmed that 10 past cast members have signed contracts and already completed their fitting. Some of these cast members are not active with the fandom and Power Rangers conventions. Jason Faunt confirmed earlier today and Danny Slavin may be one of the other cast members. The Samurai Cast members are not included in the 10 members.

Several cast members got the invite but didn't get the uninvite letter. They are waiting for production to make a decision. These cast members are very excited to return.

My guess is that the production team only allocated for 10 past cast members.
In addition:
Jessica Rey has been invited and would LOVE to return for the fans. Her manager is not getting a straight answer from production, which is confusing because Jessica has supported the show at fan conventions and online forums throughout the years.

Some of the cast members, including Jessica, got the invite and still waiting for the confirmation or uninvite email. The filming is on May 25-26th so it'll be a shame if they send them an uninvite at the last minute. Props go to the cast members who are truly interested in returning but can't due to (1) last minute invites which leads no time for planning, (2) uninvite emails, or (3) invite followed by no response.
The same day, Fury Diamond leaks a list of confirmed Rangers:
I got off the phone with my source with a fun list of confirmed cameos. I am waiting confirmation for the final one. They said that only 10 members were confirmed. I don't know whether they are planning for additional cameos since several cast members are still waiting for confirmation / uninvites.

Jason David Frank
Danny Slavin
Melody Perkins
Reggie Rolle
Selwyn Ward
Sean Johnson
Hector David Jr
Brittany Pirtle
Jason Faunt

The 10 cast members may not get a tribute / focus episode. They are only filming for two days. A few of my sources hinted that the past Rangers will be under used.

I wouldn't be surprised if they appear in a single scene in the final episode. I'm still glad that we are getting some great cast members. It's just a shame that several cast members (who are interested in returning) were declined.

May 14, 2013

Catherine Sutherland via Facebook:
I know you are all anxious to know about the reunion episode but please don't jump to conclusions that rangers are not returning because they are not being paid enough money. There is a lot involved. Be patient. All will be revealed...

May 15, 2013

Walter Jones via Twitter:
I just want to say sorry to all the Power Ranger Fans! I will not be in Super Mega Force. It would have been great though!

 May 16, 2013

TMZ writes an article titled Black Power Ranger - Also BOYCOTTING REUNION in Support of Blue Buddy:
Now original Black Power Ranger Walter Jones tells TMZ he was treated pretty badly, too ... and he's following his friend's lead.

"I'm very sorry to disappoint the fans as I would have loved to be a part of it," Jones tells TMZ. "David, who I still keep in touch with regularly, is a very great guy and it would have been fun to work together again on something we helped originate."

But sources close to the situation tell TMZ the alleged abuse isn't the only factor ... that both Yost and Jones are holding out in part because the show isn't offering enough money to make up for the way producers treated them.

May 16, 2013

Rangercrew owner Fury Diamond writes:
My source hinted that Jason Smith has written a few episodes for Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Jason is known for his acting role on Home and Away and Power Rangers. Jason started writing episodes for Home and Away last year.
 Nakia Burise via Facebook:
Hi everyone, many people have asked me if I will be a part of the PR reunion. Unfortunately, PR did not follow through with what they said. So I will not be a part of the reunion. ..and money had nothing to do with it. Thanks for everyone's support.
Blake Foster via Facebook:
Hey guys, I'm sorry to announce that it looks like I will not be appearing in the Power Rangers Super Megaforce reunion. Like with many of my fellow cast-mates, Saban Brands did not follow through with the terms that we discussed. I'm not sure why, but I guess that's just the way it goes was not the issue. I am not here to dog Saban Brands -- not my style, but I didn't want you guys continuing to hold onto false hope. Thanks for your continued support. #BlueCrew

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