Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Power Rangers Super Samurai 'Shell Game'

What Happened

The Rangers must defeat a new foe with an impenetrable shell before he destroys the city.  Without the aide of Antonio, the team must rely on teamwork and the new Super Samurai mode to defeat the Nighlok.

This is 'Fran picks up Lilly's Solar Morpher' level of cruel 

What Worked

-I thoroughly enjoyed the fight sequence with Armadeevil.  The different tactics used by the Rangers helped prevent the monster fight from becoming another by the numbers brawl.  The different elemental attack combos were great.
 -Some of the physical comedy from Bulk and Spike, as well as the visual gags involving an unaware Antonio made for some genuine humor. 

Ladies and gentlemen, your 6th Samurai Ranger.

What Went Wrong

-This episode began with another clumsy attempt at foreshadowing the events of the episode.  Still not quite as as obscene as the intro to I've Got a Spell on Blue.
-The Bulk and Spike subplot was frustrating.  It was a funny concept, but as the episode wore on I realized nothing significant would come of it.  They were basically an excuse for Antonio to not have his morpher.  They served their purpose for the episode, but there were so many more potential yuks to be had.
-Antonio really looked like a dunce, sitting there fishing while the city was engulfed in flames behind him.  Minor point.

The yellow, hanging non sequiturs make their triumphant 
return.  Continuity!

What to Remember

-Super Samurai Mode (Blue) Debut

Bottom Line

The missing phone and missing Ranger was a sleight of hand designed to trick you into believing that Shell Game was anything other than filler.
2 bananas out of 5

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