Monday, June 11, 2012

Power Rangers Super Samurai "Super Samurai"

What Happened

When the Sanzu River begins to seep into the city, the Nighlok Arachnitor uses it to replenish his strength and continuously attack the city.  The Rangers have to hold off the monster's attacks long enough for Antonio to unlock the Black Box and release Super Samurai Mode. 

"I'm gettin' too old for this schtick."

What Worked

-The Bulk and Spike stuff felt much more woven into the episode than what we've seen previously.  They're still inconsequential to the overall outcome of the episode, but at least now related to the events happening.

-The unmorphed fight between the Rangers and the Moogers was well executed, and blended very nicely with the Japanese footage.

-The Super Mega Mode is another great looking US original suit.  Unfortunately, it's strictly Megazord cockpit attire yet again.
 -The random moment when Arachnitor frightens a herd of sheep, then proceeds to chase them.

"No offense to the Elvis Jacket, but this would be much 
more useful in combat."

What Went Wrong

-With a name like Super Mega Mode, this series has almost reached critical mass in terms of unoriginality.  With Power Rangers Megaforce on it's way, I don't suspect much improvement in the near future.
-I was on board with the Rangers temporarily losing their powers, and having to fight off the Moogers until Antonio could activate the black box.  However, I felt like there was so much untapped potential in this episode that could have elevated it to a really stellar season premiere.
What did Antonio do differently to unlock the new powers?  There should have been some new technique or creative, unconventional method of opening the box.  Similarly, I feel the team should have earned the Super Samurai Mode.  Maybe they've become too reliant on their Symbol Power and Ranger forms, and then suddenly lose their powers.  They're forced to rely on their training and teachings, being reminded never to take their power for granted.  When the battle is all but lost, they receive the Super Samurai Mode.  Or something.
-The Nighlok Arachnitor and the Sanzu river seeping into the city never felt particularly menacing or worthy of the Rangers having to kick it up a notch with a new power up.  The Sanzu puddles were plugged with relative ease, and the Nighlok didn't do much to demonstrate his strength in battle.

We'll have to be... SUPER SAMURAI.
No joke here, this was actually how they ended the episode.

What to Remember

-Super Samurai Mode (Red) Debut

-Super Mega Mode (Red) Debut

-Claw Armor Megazord Debut

Bottom Line

Super Samurai is a slow start to a season overwhelmingly labeled as 'SUPER.'
2.5 Bananas out of 5

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